Unidentified Flying Objects, shown as NO DATA, are unplayable aircraft which appear in Mission 6 (Arcade). They fire a special type of missile which always achieves a "lock" on the player (therefore the player will always use flares while one is launched) and takes the appearance of a glowing energy ball.

They also appear to teleport behind you when in close distance.

Tactics Edit

Recommended Aircraft: F-22 This is because of the speed and versatility of the UFOs can be matched only by the F-22.

Recommended Missile: A-120C You can pick the UFOs from a long distance.

No Flare Tactic This tactic involves no usage of the Flare and focuses on Manuevers and Knife-Turns only. In order to do this tactic, you must be prepared to always do a barrel-roll everytime the enemy locks on and targets you. Heading straight to the energy balls will result in a 98% chance of hitting. (Sometimes they fail to hit, apparently, this is a bug.) Whenever a target teleports, there is a chance that they will attack immediately. Do a Knife Turn quickly and proceed to barrel-roll while facing the energy ball. REMEMBER, Keep the energy ball near the corners of your screen and not near the jet. This tactic yields 95% chance of not getting hit.

Notes Edit

  • This is a timed mission. You must destroy many as you can.
    • You can always wait it out but will result in a low score.
  • Always keep maximum speed. This enables you to outrun the energy balls but sacrifices maneuverability.
  • Practice Knife Turns, Barrel Rolls and Predictive Pathlining before playing the mission.
  • Your missiles will have a 30% chance of hitting because of the UFO's teleportation ability.