Mission 6 of Arcade Mode takes place in North America with Energy as the soundtrack. The player has to destroy as many UFOs as possible in 10 minutes.

The UFOs look like medium-sized artificial meteorites with the capabilities of teleportation -- plus firing extremely accurate missiles with a direct lock on players (which look like energy orbs). This means that every minute (usually around x:50-30), the player will receive almost constant fire coming in their direction. The only real way to evade these is to go in a perpendicular angle to the missiles while firing flares. On the RDR Designation, the UFOs read NO DATA.

High Score TableEdit

0 Hits: Razgriz Ghost - 31,000, F-16 (No memory card, no use of Mission Mode in the session)

1 Hit:

2 Hits: Razgriz Ghost -  25,000, F-35