Gargoyle 1.2 Taking Off

Gargoyle 1 and 2 taking off.

"You have one wingman."

Wingman Training

Gargoyle 2 is the callsign of Gargoyle 1's wingman in Mission Mode. In License Mode, Gargoyle 2 is simulated and flies an F-14D Super Tomcat. In Mission mode, he can fly from an arsenal of twelve different fighters, depending on the mission and the player's personal choice. The player can issue him any of six commands — FORM, COVER, ATTACK, AIR, GROUND, and FREE — to help in different situations.


— When given the Formation command.
"I'm manoeuvring for a shot."
— When issued the Attack command.
"I've got your back!"
— When issued the Cover command.
— In various missions.
"Gargoyle 1, there is no target."
— When given any offensive command when there is no valid target.
"Leave it to me!"
— When given the Free command.
"Four of them?!"
— When informed about the four incoming bombers in Mission 4.
"Gargoyle 1, this is Gargoyle 2. The line on the radar shows the target's position."
— Informing the player about the radar line.