F-16 AS
The F-16 Fighting Falcon is the first playable aircraft in Energy Airforce and Energy Airforce: aimStrike!. It is available from the start of both games.


The F-16 carries a wide arsenal of all-purpose weaponry, including virtually every missile in the game, most bombs, and a powerful cannon. It has eight pylons in Energy Airforce, though in aimStrike! it has an undercarriage ninth pylon capable of carrying a fuel tank.

The F-16 is a general-purpose aircraft, and is a good all-round jet capable of carrying a variable, general-purpose, anti-armour and air-to-air load. Its maximum speed is Mach 2.02/2.0, which is impressive compared to other fighters, and only bested by the F-22 Raptor.

An upgraded version version of the F-16 exists as the F-16 Update, which has JHMCS upgrades, allowing for a wider angle of lock for the Sidewinder. This is the only statistical difference between the two aircraft. It may also be easier to land with this aircraft, though this is unconfirmed.