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The original game box from the front

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In Energy Airforce, it is quoted that "the player is the Pilot, not the aircraft".

-Official Website

Information[edit | edit source]

Energy Airforce is a PlayStation 2 game where players get to be the pilot of 5 planes (F-16, F-22, X-35, F-16UD, F-35) and fly alongside one wingman who can be issued commands, including Attack, Formation, Cover and Free. There is also an arcade mode of free flights and six missions:

1) Destroy as many hostile aircraft as possible within 10 minutes.

2) Destroy all Kirov-Class Cruisers and Kuznetzov Carriers in 15 minutes.

3) Protect the allied C-5 Galaxy until it heads south of the battlefield.

4) Destroy all targets in South-East Asia (with the exception of a single missile silo which is non-TGT).

5) Destroy all World War II-era fighters and bombers.

6) Destroy as many UFOs as possible in 6 minutes.

There are also campaign missions, training missions and dogfights. The missions are:

1) Destroy all four Su-25s before they sink allied transport boats.

2) Destroy both IL-78A transports before they leave to the east.

3) Destroy enemy transport boats before they cross the river mouth.

4) Protect an ally oil facility from 4 tanks and 4 Tu-160s. With help from 2 F-14Ds.

5) Destroy all enemy SAMs (ten of them: 8 SA-13s, 2 SA-19s) apart from 2 SA-13s (you can destroy them if desired). With help from 2 A-10s.

6) Protect allied communication towers from Su-25s and Tu-160s. There are 3, don't let them all get destroyed. With help from 2 F-15s.

7) Destroy the enemy base which consists of SAMs and Su-33s. With help from 1 F-14D.

8) Destroy all enemy ships and bombers before they destroy your facility (next to your airbase). With help from 2 F-14Ds.

9) Destroy all rocket-aiding facilities and the rocket and underground rocket. With help from 2 MiG-29s.

10) Destroy all the remaining enemy aerial forces. With help from 2 F/A-18Es.

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